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Swollen feet during pregnancy

In the last months of pregnancy many future moms experience foot edema. These change often their feet, so that the normal shoes do not fit anymore. The pregnant women need different footwear to acommodate their swollen feet. However, the available options are very limited and are not specially created to fit their needs. 

We from Pregnidos have confronted ourselves with this problem and decided to offer a tailored solution to other pregnant women which experience the same situation. We have focused on designing comfortable and adjustable shoes for pregnancy which do not constrict the feet and keep them healthy. Now, after more than one year of work on the product development, we are happy to present you our collection of autumn / winter booties.

Pregnidos Alpha introduce you to the world of adjustable comfort.



Because your legs which carry Two are worth better shoes

Pregnancy is a wonderful but challenging experience during which your body goes through many changes. One of them is water retention which often affects the legs and has a negative effect on your wellbeing.

Our shoe concept supports your foot health and active lifestyle during pregnancy. Pregnidos help you to regain the confidence and flexibility of movement which you have been used to. 

Enjoy the life growing inside you without worrying about leg swelling anymore.

Walk for Two worry-free!



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