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Kiss me again!

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It started with the first kiss and the excited trembling in the whole body. With the intense looks which told everything. With the desire to be always around him, maybe not to say much but to experience everything together: nature trips, going to the cinema, shopping, museum visits, reading the same books, going to parties.

Incredible emotional moments full of butterflies in the stomach. The entire universe participated, everything changed and became more beautiful. You became more beautiful and he as well. You talked about common hopes, future plans, fulfillments. You knew that everything is possible. You imagined things together which changed every day only to become even greater. You loved the poetry of the moment and of the future.

You didn’t wait for him. You lived your life but you knew that it will come, THE BIG LOVE. And this was the most amazing thing with this love: that you hadn’t looked for it. It was a surprise which made everything even more magical.

Then the distance between two continents was there. You studied both and saw each other during the holidays. But you knew that the other is there and that your love becomes bigger. It really became bigger and became fulfilled when you married and were finally together.

The years became happier, more intense, full of unforgettable experiences, travels, dreams. You were free and full of love. The work didn’t hinder you to melt with the universe. Work was there, love was there, freedom was there, dreams were there.

The dream of a tiny human being who would emerge from your love took contours and became stronger. A little boy reminded you of your deep desire to bring into the world a little boy as well. Your boy.

He was born and was even more beautiful and lovelier than the boy you imagined in all your dreams together. He was a magical boy whom everybody loved. He was the happiest boy whom you had ever seen. His laugh reminded you that your love had born him so happy.

He was the boy who was being hugged and kissed often. Your love for him got bigger and bigger and sometimes you asked yourselves: How big can it still get? Can it still grow? And then the little boy said: Would you give me another kiss? And suddenly your love grew more and you were amazed. Amazed and happy you were looking at the earth and the universe through his eyes. Amazed, happy and thankful is your love.