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More flexible, more sustainable, healthier shoes for you

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We have just returned from one of the most important trade fairs for shoe materials and components in Milan. We spent valuable hours with intensive discussions. There are many impressions, ideas and product samples that we brought home.


We saw, felt and evaluated many new, interesting products. Some may well be considered for our new collections. 😊 We have been consulting with suppliers, ordered samples or took them with us, and made new business contacts. We were looking for better materials for our shoes.


And we met our partner suppliers again and exchanged ideas on how we can make Pregnidos even more comfortable, flexible, sustainable, healthier for you.


Some of the changes we thought about with our sole manufacturer concern the flexibility, weight and thickness of the Pregnidos rubber soles. Together we talked about using natural rubber and the possibility of making the soles thinner. This would significantly increase the flexibility of the soles, while the shoes would become lighter and more sustainable. 👣 This would make wearing Pregnidos even more comfortable and you would enjoy them more!